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Our Story

In 2018, the initial origins of the Zeeon platform were established; although at the time we were trading under the name MatchDayInfo Ltd. Our passion was for sport, we wanted to make a platform for the sports fan. Our goal and vision were to take over the sports match day programme market, putting a stronger emphasis surrounding the intractability of the product.

Since then, we have grown year on year and have established relationships with numerous sports clubs and sports worldwide, ranging from your local grassroots club to Fulham FC and Western Sydney Wanderers.

Over the pandemic, we’ve been listening to our clients and asking for feedback from the end-user to improve our services moving forward. So why did we want to rebrand the business? The simple answer is that we wanted to broaden our scope in content for all events, not just sporting fixtures. With the modern digital landscape, we’re incredibly excited to be working in new industries, continuing to expand our portfolio based on client and end-user demand.

At Zeeon Ltd, we have a passion for content. We are an independent company adding a personal touch in an industry that seems to feel very robotic. We like to have a hands-on approach with our clients, providing assistance and suggestions on how to optimise our platform. As always, we look to improve our platform at every opportunity, as we look to continue our pursuit of excellence in both customer relations and the overall quality of the platform.

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Will Biggs

Managing Director and Founder, Zeeon Ltd