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Replace your static content with a fully interactive webpage, and make it easier for your fanbase to consume your content.

Want to make your content more engaging, user-friendly, sustainable, and less time-consuming for the creator? Well, you’ve come to the right place! We’re not only evolving content for live events but, also the process, join the journey!

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Fully Interactive. Make your content move!


Forget static content, make it move.

We’ve given you the platform to design your content, but we’re here to help!

Tired of contacting publishers or designers to help you put a publication together? Fear no more, we’ve developed an all-in-one content management platform, allowing you to make it your own. We’ve designed and implemented many modules onto the X platform, to make it as versatile as possible.

Add videos, Articles, Images, Advertisements, Player Profiles, Live Stats, Social Feeds, Ticketing Countdowns & Links, and much more!

Drag and Drop. As easy as that… we promise!

Design templates, create content, and share within minutes.

Introducing our new designer portal, powered by Zeeon.

We’re excited to enhance our Zeeon offering for the 2022/23 season, as we welcome our very own X designer portal; allowing our clients to design and produce content within the Zeeon platform. Simply drag and drop different modules within the publication, make it your own! After you’ve designed your template, duplicate your X publication for future events and update the necessary information – work smarter, not harder!

Fully Optimised. Ready for any device.


Optimise your content, for no extra work.

Over 80% of your audience will be reading your content via smartphone or tablet devices. So why not upload content into a platform that’s fully optimised?

Don’t worry this doesn’t add any extra workload for you! Our ZeeonX backend allows the creator to drag and drop various forms of content onto the platform, which then automatically optimises and becomes available for sharing instantly! Although a large amount of your audience reads through handheld devices, we’ve still enhanced the desktop version – none of your fanbase will miss out!


Zeeon's mission is simple, to give every creator a platform to publish their content to a global audience. Amalgamating modern technology with traditional media and creating a hub for all content

with digital content trending, we want to establish ourselves as the market leader in online publications. We will continue to expand our portfolio, with some exciting times ahead for our platform.

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Fully Optimised. Ready for any device.


We’re a Hub for your event content.

Upload your PDF content onto the Zeeon website, we then compress and optimise your publication, making it ready to share with your fanbase to consume.

We’ve designed a content template that allows your publication to take centre stage, but, can also be complimented with live social feeds, hyperlinked images, and YouTube videos that can be embedded within. We know how much effort goes into producing your publication, so why not host it on a website that does it justice?

Make it your own. Customise your page.

Fully Customise your Profile, make it your own.

We give you the tools to share your content to a wider audience.

Make your content profile your own, add links to your Club Shop, ticketing and add information regarding that event. Your fanbase can also create an account and follow your team, allowing them to stay up to date onall publications on the platform. Fan’s from other clubs can also easily access your club publications, via our Sports category section.

Creators. It’s time to be on Zeeon X


light up your content.

Distribute on a platform that brings the most out of your content.

You’ve put in the hours to create the content that you wish to publish, why upload it onto a platform that doesn’t care? We care about the content that you upload! Zeeon wants to bring every word and image to life and make it the best user experience, both for the fan and the creator. We haven’t stopped just yet though, we’re continuing to evolve and release updates every month, we’re passionate about content!

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