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About Us

Launching in August 2021, Zeeon Ltd offers a platform for news, content, insights and more. Zeeon’s mission is simple, to give every creator a platform to publish their content to a global audience. Amalgamating modern technology with traditional media and creating a hub for all content.

ZEEON offers the most user-friendly solution to create a digital reading experience for the end-user, as well as providing a platform to create, upload and distribute their publications worldwide. Our unique selling point is that we link the creators content to live events, we want to make your fixture, event or exhibition more engaging and interactive. Your fanbase can scan in and quickly gain access to the content, clubs/content creators can also monetise this.

Yes, content is our main priority, but data collection is our main objective. We allow the creator to gather intelligent information to assist with their content creation – let the data do the deciding!

Zeeon is the largest digital match day programme platform in the world. We know what you’re thinking… how can we make such a big statement when we’ve only just launched? Well, we were formally trading under the name MatchDayInfo in which we worked with over 100 sports clubs weekly; across Football, Rugby Union & League, Ice Hockey and many more! The rebranding process started in May 2021, with our mindset being that we want to be the world’s largest digital content platform for live events. For more information about our journey, please click here (This link goes to the Our Story page).

Zeeon’s optimised webpage is available on all platforms, however, we can confirm that a Zeeon App is in the works with more news coming soon.